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We make some pretty quirky things. Here is just a few

Custom designed and carved signage

Something unique for the business

C ustom carved signage for your home and business.

We create carved signage from a variety of media; Wood, Metal, Copper, Aluminum and more. We see a lot of demand for mixed media as well.

Live edge epoxy river table

For your home or office

C reating with live edge lumber has its challenges These pieces could have anything in them depending on their placement in the tree. Making sure they are dry enough and won't shrink anymore. The Shear weight of 140 board feet of White Oak and 10 gallons of epoxy. The base is made out of 40 ft of 2 x 2 box steel. I continue to define my style but this table and base are pretty close to my perfect design.


Cupcake counter

Who doesn't love cupcakes.


More Custom Workworks and Metalworks:

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